Hi. We Hate Feeling Overwhelmed By Marketing, Too.

Lately consolidates and streamlines all your marketing into a single, step-by-step playbook so you know where to start, what to do next and make smarter decisions.

How Does It Work?

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets, Forever.

See how Lately organizes marketing dashboards automatically and spreadsheet-free. And way prettier. After all, no one became a marketer to live in Excel.

We're Letting the Cat Out of the Bag.

Because you don’t have time to be a marketing expert - and the tips and tricks the pros know shouldn’t be kept secret. Lately removes the mystery by aggregating, integrating and distilling marketing down to the core principles - showing you what to do next, so you can focus on more important stuff - like building your company’s core business. Or feeding your cat.

Your Peace of Mind is Waiting.

Stop pulling your hair out with manually created Excel dashboards - that shizzle was designed for accountants. Lately restores sanity and order by automatically organizing all your marketing into a single, Zenic dashboard that’s spreadsheet-free.

Because Marketing Frankenstacks Frankensuck.

Audit new accounts in seconds. Save eight hours per week per campaign trying to summarize what’s what in a clunky PowerPoint. Instantly get the whole picture in real-time, so you and your clients have 100% visibility. One tool, one tab. Hellooooo Lately.

Take a Load Off.

See how Lately does the heavy lifting so marketers can get back to actually marketing and entrepreneurs can get back to running their businesses.

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