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Lately is a Marketing Dashboard that pulls together content scheduling, publishing, task management, analytics and more, in one place. Because together is waaaaaaaay better. Go team!

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The Story

As a former marketing agency owner, our CEO, Kate, initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for then-client, Walmart. Well, not just Walmart. It was a partnership between Walmart, United Way Worldwide, National Disability Institute, and tens of thousands of local, small business and nonprofit affiliates who were all using her spreadsheet system – because they all had the same problems: a lack of coordination, widespread redundancies, no visibility and no organization. With Kate’s spreadsheet system, they achieved a 130%, three year, year-over-year ROI.

In fact, Kate found similar success with all of her clients, regardless of industry or company size. So, along with one heck of a superhero team, she created Lately to organize the mess, automate repetitive processes and eliminate the "overwhelming" feeling that every marketer she'd ever met had complained about.

Meet Team Lately

Kate Bradley Chernis

Chief Executive Officer

Jason DeBacco

Chief Product Officer

Brian Sirkia

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Kramer

Marketing Evangelist

Chris Breault

Sales Associate

Greg Hamel

VP of Engineering

Lauren Turow

Customer Success Manager

Asher Hussain

Sales Manager

Alex Wieser

Marketing Manager

Lizzie Cooperstone

Operations Analyst

Pranay Gupta

Jr Software Engineer

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