Lately Was Founded By Marketers. And We’re On A Mission.

Whether agency owner, seasoned pro, self-taught or total newbie, all of us behind the scenes here at Lately have done time in ye ole marketing trenches. And we all have one thing in common: marketing makes us feel overwhelmed.

We’re building Lately to so that anyone who has to do marketing can, without being bogged down by the mess - or the mystery.

That means organizing marketers so they can be aligned in their work but also pulling back the “black curtain” of marketing altogether. In fact, entrepreneurs, nonprofits - even professional marketers at the most powerful companies in the world - overwhelmingly feel, ehem, overwhelmed.

  • How will I ever make sense of this mess?
  • Is this what I should be doing? I have no idea.
  • This seems more complicated than it should be.
  • None of us are on the same page.

Because These Days, Everyone's A Marketer.

We’re building Lately not just for professional marketers, communications and public relations firms, global brands, and businesses of all sizes - across every industry, but also for those who largely do their own marketing and don’t have a team to lean on.

Professional Marketers Communications and Public Relations Firms Global Brands Small Businesses Medium Businesses Large Businesses Bloggers Startups Nonprofit Organizations Chambers of Commerce Colleges and Universities Federal, State and Local Governments Government Agencies Kickstarter Campaign Creators Shopify Store Owners Micro-Entrepreneurs

Why Lately?

Consolidating and streamlining all your marketing into a single playbook is a new idea. The technical term is Marketing Resource Management or MRM.

Until now, MRM software has only been available to the marketing elite - expert marketers at ginormous companies who barely blink at $20,000-$200,000 price points.

  • Save eight hours a week.
  • Save 45% on budgets.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets, forever.
  • Make companies 77% more money.
  • See all the data from all your channels in one place, for the first time.
  • Launch campaigns 50% faster.
  • Audit new accounts in seconds.
  • Onboard new team members in seconds.
  • Prevent legacy knowledge-loss.
  • Get back to whatever it is you'd rather be doing other than marketing.