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Stop banging your head against the wall and start smiling like a giddy kid on her way to a candy store with Lately’s A.I.-powered Social Post Autogenerator.

Join businesses small and large that let Lately’s Artificial Intelligence do the annoying work for them, too.Because… Annoying.

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Social Post Autogenerator™

Lately uses Artificial Intelligence to scan longform content for keywords and phrases which it then auto generates into tons of amazing social posts. Transform your blogs, videos and podcasts into short form content, instantly. Add one or more hashtags, mentions and images and Lately automatically rotates them across all your posts.

Parent/Child Dashboards

Autogenerate, create, manage and schedule social posts across multiple brand or individual accounts from one place. Think: employee advocacy, social selling and executive thought leadership management – or housing all the marketing for an entire franchise under one roof.

Audio & Video Transcription

Lately's built-in transcription feature saves you a whole lot of headache, time and money so you can autogenerate social posts straight from your transcriptions.

Unlimited Scheduling & Publishing Across Multiple Accounts

Go nuts. Schedule and publish your heart out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a dashboard?

A Lately dashboard is your command central for A.I.-powered social post autogeneration, scheduling, publishing, planning, analysis and management. It’s all here.

Can I have more than one dashboard?

Yes! We recommend one dashboard per brand, franchisee location or client (if you’re a marketing agency).

If you're using Lately's parent-child dashboard syndication system, we recommend one dashboard per employee, sales team member or executive.

One account can own multiple dashboards and toggle between them with a single login. Individuals can also be members of multiple dashboards.

What’s Parent/Child dashboard management and syndication?

Lately’s Parent/Child dashboard system acts as a hub-and-spoke environment, giving a single individual or central marketing team the ability to execute and manage the organic social campaigns across an entire ecosystem.

For example, the Parent of a national bank could autogenerate and publish content for hundreds of locations across the country, each with a locally managed Child dashboard; each location could then use the content as is or request approvals and make edits, as needed.

This system can also be applied to Child dashboards individually managed by social-selling teams, employee advocates or executive thought leaders, each receiving autogenerated content from a Parent dashboard.

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What kind of Creative Services does Lately provide?

Lately’s in-house Creative Services team of world-class marketing veterans is available for both Content Optimization and Consultation Services to any Lately customers.

Content Optimization Services include re-writes, edits or enhancements of 10 to 50 social posts per month, so you’re guaranteed an expert human-touch for accelerated engagement.

Consultation Services include monthly hour-long sessions where our CEO, Kately, will advise on best-practices, planning, strategy, cadence, content recommendation, data analysis and more, as though she was a member of your own team.

Is nonprofit pricing available?

Yes! Just ask your Lately Customer Experience superhuman and they’ll be happy to run down your options.

Are enterprise/custom packages available?

Yes! Whether it’s Parent/Child syndication for an entire enterprise or our very VIP customer care, we’re happy to help design the plan that best fits your business.

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What‘s the Social Post Autogenerator™?

Lately's Social Post Autogenerator™ uses artificial intelligence to automatically turn longform content – like blogs, newsletters or press releases – into dozens of amazing social posts.

Tray a free sampler version here.

What integrations does Lately have?

“I'm so proud to be able to report confidently up to our national team and use Lately to show our numbers and growth – something I wasn't able to do before. Lately is my new favorite tool and I'm trying to tell as many people about it as I possibly can.”

Veronica VanJura Director of Marketing,
DCU Center

“I feel like I’m using a rocket launcher when all I need is a pistol. I love this so much, just stop my trial... I’ll start right now.”

Mike Buczynski VP of Global Marketing,

“Before Lately, social media was a weak point for me to do super consistently – because I didn’t have the time and didn’t want to sound dumb or boring. Now I have confidence because Lately takes the pressure off and makes me sound smart!”

Alicia Jimenez Senior Vice President, Global Head of Technology & Platform Sercices Delivery,