Create Dozens of Unique Social Posts in Just a Few Clicks

Repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers, video and audio transcripts and other evergreen content into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social media posts.

Make Better Use of the Longform Content You Spend So Much Time Creating.


Add hashtags that get added to each generated post, or are rotated one per post.

Campaign Tagging

Assign each post to a campaign in Lately to keep organized.

Attach Images

Add a few images before generating and have one image added to each post.


Add @mentions in bulk to all your autogenerated posts.

Shorten Links with Bitly

Use Bitly to shorten your links or leave the links untouched allowing Twitter to shorten them.

Enforce Keywords

When selected, Lately will only autogenerate posts that contain your keywords.

Specify Links

Enter a link if you'd like to include a different link in your posts than the one you generated content from.

Autogenerate from a Link

Paste a link to any blog post or article. No link? No worries! Just copy/paste any longform content and we'll work our magic.

Automatically Link RSS Feeds

RSS is a format to publish often updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts.

Choose the “Generate Social Posts” option when adding an RSS feed to have Lately automatically generate dozens of social posts for that feed. We’ll then stockpile all your generated RSS feed posts on your Generated page until you’re ready to publish or edit.

Social Post Autogenerator Chrome Extension

Download our brand-spanking-new Chrome Extension to instantly generate content from any webpage without having to log into your Lately Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension.
  2. Log In to Lately in a separate browser tab.
  3. Choose the Lately dashboard where you'd like your generated drafts to be stored.
  4. Go to the Autogenerate page in that dashboard.
  5. While browsing blog posts or articles on the web, simply click the Lately Chrome Extension icon and we’ll automatically autogenerate social posts from that link and store in your Lately dashboard.
Download the Lately Autogenerator Chrome Extension

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