Why Key Messaging Should Be Your Best Friend

You’ve done it! Years of hard work are finally paying off and you’re watching your career take off to unseen heights! But you’re not one to go about tooting your own horn ;-). This is where you need a best friend who comes through and tells the world all the awesome you’re made of.

Enter Key Messaging, a.k.a. every marketer’s BFF.

Whether you’re a large corporation, an individual or a startup, solid Key Messaging is one of the most, erm, key tools in your toolkit and an absolute essential when it comes to taking your marketing to the next level.

What is Key Messaging?

Key Messaging serves as your company’s copy guidelines in all of your marketing or PR efforts. It effectively defines the purpose of your business, defines your specialties and helps you make meaningful connections with your target audience.

Key Messaging is typically made up of multiple components including keywords, key phrases, hashtags, an elevator pitch, value proposition, boilerplate, etc. – any text that should be a copy and paste affair so that you’re not constantly remaking the wheel.

Internally, it serves as the light house in the sea of activities that keep your business afloat, creating a unified vision that enables the company to continue driving itself in the right direction.

Take our very own value proposition for example – Lately helps you save time and create better content. This is the linchpin of everything we do at Lately and helps us improve everyday! Whether we are discussing marketing copy or enhancements to the product, if it doesn’t achieve that simple phrase, it’s out.

More broadly, Key Messaging should serve as a guide or reference point as you write copy, whether for your website, marketing materials, sales emails, advertising, social media and more. If you’re writing about the company, your Key Messaging is king.

But what about Key Messaging makes it so crucial for your business?

Key Messaging Opens Doors

More often than not, meeting mutual contacts via your best friend is a breeze – by the time you’re face to face, they’re excited to meet because of all the amazing things your best friend has already told them about you. Love those BFFs! After all, when the people you’re meeting for the first time are already aware of your strengths and goals, conversations and business just flowwwwws.

Effective Key Messaging serves a similar purpose for your brand, creating an entryway for potential clients and partners to easily find and understand your company’s core tenets. Not only does it help you clearly communicate the whos, whats, whys and hows of your company but because Key Messaging enforces consistent messaging, that consistency instantly signals trust – and you’ve only just met :-).

Key Messaging Exudes Confidence

Say goodbye to being that wallflower too shy to go to the dance. With your Key Messaging to rely upon, you’ll never again worry about finding the exact right things to say when asked to describe your big ideas.

Plus, when your Key Messaging is on the ball, you’ll be able to open the doors to all the right people in a simple, practical way. Hello, It Girl.

Key Messaging Gives Focus

Best friends push us to the next level, and continually drive us to keep on breaking those glass ceilings. We rely on them to help keep us focused and on track to achieve the lives we want to achieve. In business, we rely on our Key Messaging for focus, too.

The everyday workings of a business involve a lot of nitty gritty activity, making it easy to forget the big picture. But when we’re able to integrate this greater purpose into our company’s Key Messaging, we get both a constant reminder of where we’re going in the building blocks we need to get there.

This means that your commitment to the guidelines of your Key Messaging is critical as it translates into a valuable metric that can speak volumes on how your company is performing as a whole.

What Makes An Effective Key Message?

We all know it takes a little extra something to go from friend- to best friend- level greatness. So what sets effective Key Messaging apart from the rest?

Effective Key Messaging…

  1. Is simple and to the point
  2. Resonates with your target audience
  3. Is memorable, accurate and authentic to your brand

Key Messaging is Imperfect

Key Messaging can seem overwhelming because of its importance. But don’t get bogged down by trying to find the exact perfect language. Brainstorm a lot. Know that trial and error are part of the deal.

It may take multiple experiments until you find what best captures the essence of your company and resonates with your audience – which, you can be sure, will eventually change. And so your Key Messaging, like any great bestie relationship, must also evolve.

Stay flexible and don’t be afraid make adjustments when needed, so that your Key Messaging continues to stay true to your brand.

Most Importantly, Keep Your Key Messaging Handy

At Lately, our built-in Key Messaging Cheat Sheet and Checker helps you instantly organize and create your Key Messaging while also checking your copy for consistency against it, as you write. BFF+ infinity! Just sayin’.

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