What Types of Content Are Required to Generate Demand

In marketing, good content is your bread n butter. Spending time on mediocre marketing just won’t cut it, so slapping together some quality content that makes your audience’s life that little bit more tasty and magic goes a long way. And now I want a sandwich.

Creating better content deserves a shiny, sparkling place at the front and center of your marketing strategy. It’s the star of the show and will give you a hand generating more leads, boosting brand awareness and making more $$$.

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What kinda content are we talking about, anyhow?

Player 1: Select your Content!

Need some content inspiration? No need to shoot in the dark – grab a load of these ideas and make sweet, sweet content music.

  • Thought Leadership – This is where you get to show off your industry know-how and prove your authority on a subject. Take an on-trend topic that’s bugging your sector and give your unique perspective on it. With any luck, people will start coming to you for your fabulous nerd-level knowledge and subject-specific advice.
  • Webinars – A slick webinar is an awesome way to get in front of your audience (kinda) and spit some truth-bars about a topic. You can do the talking in a video format or if you’re camera shy, use a slide-deck to build a buzz. Settle on a specific idea and deep-dive to help your audience understand all they need to know. Write a killer script to give your webinar structure and choose a good platform to host. Keep technical aspects in mind like campaign tracking and promotion.
  • Case Studies – It’s all very well shouting from the rooftops about how great you are at something and how many customers you make happy, but a case study gives you a great way to give a fleshed out example. Get detailed with your evidence of awesomeness and use stats and real-life examples of how you’ve achieved a certain result.
  • Live Video – Get your story-telling hat on and use live video to create a narrative and show off your personality. Video content lets you embrace being human and use the power of conversation to make a connection. It’s a fun way to focus on a content idea and lets you be a bit more spontaneous when you’re interacting with your audience. Give a behind-the-scenes insight into the gang behind your business and what you’re all about.
  • Sample Tools – Dangle a carrot in front of your audience with free sample tools or ‘freemium’ tools. This is where you can offer a valuable free tool to customers as a marketing practice. You could be encouraging a user to sign-up or subscribe to a service with a freebie – you’ve then got more opportunity to scale up your offering with other additional features and tools.
  • Product Content – Writing killer captions, using the slickest images and info to dress-up your fantastic products/services and sell them properly is super important. Even though you’ve not got much space to play with, the combinations of words/images you use to sell are very influential. It’s about describing your products in the perfect way, setting expectations and being as accurate as possible to move your audience towards the big ‘buy’ button.
  • Blogs – Do they really need any introduction? Yes, that’s what this post is about, but blogs are probably the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘content’. Writing a good blog post is about more than the words on the page. Layouts, length, style, tone of voice are all mega considerations when honing your blog craft and spilling out your ideas. Come up with interesting and entertaining topics to keep your readers hooked.
  • Quizzes – Challenging your audience to have a go at a quiz here and there can be a really fun way to break down a topic and make it more accessible. A different format can work wonders and quizzes can be an astute way to capture the attention of customers. AND you can offer cool prizes for the winners!

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