The Latest #001 – Checking Off “Check Out,” Thank-You Marketing and Instagram Publishing

Welcome to this edition of The Latest, a monthly newsletter by moi, Kate Bradley Chernis, Lately’s CEO. You can read about how/why I started Lately, here. Extra shout-out this edition to our awesome customer Courtney Smith-Kramer for her inaugural publication on Forbes. Oh and be sure to read all the way to the end to get the skinny on a BIG surprise coming your way soon. Most importantly, thanks for reading! I’m super glad you’re here.

Time to Check Out ‘Check Out’ Foreva

#ProTip 001: Remove the phrase “check out” from your marketing vocabulary altogether. It is vapid, lazy and useless (sorry but really). Think: when’s the last time you “checked out” anything on command? Riiiiight. Instead, grab an active verb that better defines the call to action you intend. It can be as simple as: “Learn more.” Or more complex, like: “Get ready to have your mind BLOWN.” Passive-aggressive also works, as in: “Read this RE: our political conversation at Thanksgiving.”

Dig? Your readers and click-through rates will thank you :-).

More ProTips to come!

Burning Customer Query of the Month

Q: Can I change the campaign tag of a post published natively from one of my connected social channels?

A: Heck yes! Learn how by watching this quick ‘n handy video.

Have a burning question of your own? Or just wanna give feedback? We love it all. Email Lauren our customer BFF, anytime.

Why Thank-You Marketing is the Most Powerful Tool in Your Kit

Manners matter. And not just at the holiday table. Join us for our next edition of Lately Live, where entrepreneurship superstar, small business whiz bang and Small Business Edge founder Brian Moran pops into the guest seat with yours truly. From jumpstarting your biz tips to lessons learned from the big dogs to what I call thank-you marketing, Brian will share his expert wisdom learned from decades devoted to all things small and medium-sized business – including stints as executive director of The Wall Street Journal overseeing financial and small biz markets and associate publisher at Inc. Magazine.

Join in the fun and register here for our free webinar – Thursday, December 13, 12 PM EAST/9 AM WEST.

Whoa – New Dashboard Landing Page Upgrade!

You ask. We listen. Feast your eyes on the all new landing page of your dashboard, now a flourish with weekly analytics highlights – including increases/decreases from the previous week, top keywords and more, PLUS a peek into your pipeline activity including posts waiting for your express approval.

THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. INFO. Now, front and center. Because improvement over time in these key areas means success for your biz. Natch.

One Man Army IRL

One man, one Parent Dashboard, 16 regular dashboards, 214 social channels and 21,000 + (and counting) social posts scheduled through Lately. No, it’s not a world-renowned mega marketing agency. Better! Meet David Beckford, Lately dashboard master and Creative Director at Dynasty TV, a St. Louis-based marketing and media collective working together to produce original programming airing in local and national markets. We’ll feature David on our next Office Hours’ Customer Spotlight where he’ll share some of his top marketing tips, why Parent Dashboards are so danged super and (hopefully) his favorite holiday cookie recipe.

It’s gonna be a fun one – Tuesday, December 4, 2 PM EAST/11 AM WEST for Lately’s Office Hours with David Beckford on our next Customer Spotlight. Register here.

Oh and PS, we’ve got a sweet Office Hours lineup this month, so don’t be square:

  • December 4: Analytics
  • December 11: Approval Flows
  • December 18: Social Post Autogenerator
  • December 25: No Office Hours (Merry Christmas!)

Office Hours is our weekly live sesh where we walk-through a single feature by popular request and answer all your questions.

Case Study, Quiz or Video?

What’s the best content for driving would-be customers into a mad, salivating frenzy? Read about the top types of demand-generating content, broken down into a quick-reference hotlist, here.

No Blog? No Problem

In addition to our RSS Feed Manager and Autogenerator™ Chrome Extension, we wanted to give you an even easier way to find amazing longform content to run through Lately’s Social Post Autogenerator™ and… Ta- Dah! Thanks to a new partnership with our pals at UpContent, they’ll curate shareable articles for you in a blink of an eye. Blink again and our Autogenerator™ will crank out the magic. More time-saving. Better content. Happiness.

Watch this video to learn more about Lately’s partnership with UpContent.

Props from Internet Land

Big giant THANK YOU to all these folks for the supreme Lately love:

Oh and one last thing. INSTAGRAM PUBLISHING IS COMING TO LATELY! More, soon.

I’m such a tease.

You RULE for reading. Thanks. I mean it.

– Kately

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