Top 50 Social Media and Marketing Blogs to follow of 2018

Grab your coat, we’re going on an adventure! That’s right, it’s time for a whistle-stop tour through Lately’s lovingly compiled top 50 Social Media and Marketing Blogs…and the badass marketing brains behind them.

There’s a helluva lot of wisdom out there and we want you to have the best resources at hand when you need some hints, tips, tricks and anything else in between.

Here’s our treasure trove of 50 marketing blogs to make your life that extra bit more awesome. (Please note, these are in no particular order.)


Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is your one-stop shop for all things social. It’s the godfather of social media marketing tips and founder, Michael Stelzner, presents everything in easy-to-follow formats, with how-to guides for every platform, snappy infographics and bitesize chunks of marketing magic.

SME posts super useful annual resources too, like the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which gives users the low-down on what’s hot and what’s not for next year’s social marketing.

Fave post: How to Better Manage Social Media Teams: 3 Useful Tools


Razor Social

We like Razor Social because their blog is realllly straight-up and doesn’t confuse marketing beginners with lots of bonkers jargon. Articles have slick formats and give readers everything you need to know, tells you why you need to know it and helps you get from A to B before you can say ‘I need more Razor Social!’

Putting tricky trends into easily digestible blog posts is no mean feat, but Razor Social makes it look easy.

Fave post: Why Declining Reach on Social Media is Not a Bad Thing


Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz knows her marketing shiz (okay, it almost rhymes so it’s true!) and her blog posts are so comprehensive that you’ll find yourself a social media expert before the day is over! What’s great about her Socially Sorted posts is she’ll hold your hand and take you through every aspect of a new product or platform with more info than you can shake a stick at.

But not only that, her points are made even clearer with additional images and videos, where Donna talks you through an idea and shows you exactly how to get shiz done.

Fave post: How Customers Engage With Social Media Video: 8 Things You Need To Know


Nicky Kriel

Next up, it’s Nicky Kriel and this lady is a dab-hand at taking social media subjects and turning them into super simple, straight-forward, instructional blog posts. Which hey, good news, is exactly what we’re looking for in our bumper Lately list.

With loads of actionable tips, Nicky will point you in the right direction and send you off into the big wide, social media world with really clear next steps for your business. You’ll know what to do, why it’ll help your biz and how to tweak things too.

Fave post: How to Attract Customers with Social Media Content


Social Media Today

Social Media Today kinda sounds like a news channel and it sort of is! It gives you the latest buzz-worthy and on-trend topics in the every-changing, 1000mph social media landscape. You might find yourself regularly asking – What’s goin on? They’ve done what? What does this all mean?! Well, don’t worry, a regular peruse of the SMT pages and you can stay up to date with marketing’s movers and shakers.

The community of marketing enthusiasts and experts that write for SMT’s blog impart their knowledge and create fantastic, clear posts. It’s a really rich resource that’s regularly updated, with several articles being posted every day. Now what are you waiting for? Get over there!

Fave post: SMT’s 2018 Social Media Spending Survey – Part 1: Key Channels of Focus


Content Marketing Institute

Chances are, you’ve probably stumbled across Content Marketing Institute’s blog before. It’s crazy how much good stuff is on there and it attracts lots of big marketing dawgs to pen an article or two for its blog. When you write your own content, you might have used stats collected by the CMI as they have a massive range of data they’ve collected on all things content marketing – it’s a marketer’s dream!

Their articles and case studies are tirelessly researched and they cover lots of different industries, so you won’t have trouble finding relevant content. It caters for every ability level too, so whether you’re a beginner or a super slick smooth marketing criminal, there’ll be something for you to get your teeth into.

Fave post: 7 Content Marketing Tasks to Automate Right Now


Marketing Profs

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it on Marketing Profs…well, if it’s marketing related that is, we can’t guarantee you’ll find information on bird-voiced tree frogs! But if you stick to social media marketing questions then Marketing Profs will spoil you for choice with the amount of marketing resources they’ve got goin’ on.

Use the advanced filter to scroll through the library (it puts Hogwarts to shame!) and find extensive, detailed blog posts, guides and infographics to learn something new or brush up on your existing knowledge. Go get em’ tiger!

Fave post: How to Heat Up Marketing Impact With Data-Driven Personas



Thinkific is a platform that gives marketers the ability to market, sell, and deliver their own online courses. Pretty cool, right? And they’ve also got a really nifty blog that gives tips and advice for boosting a course’s profile and how to market it. Whether you have an online course or not, you can use Thinkific’s blog posts to promote your own business and sell more stuff.

Blog posts are written by staff and guest contributors and they’ve got a really user-friendly, slick feel to them, with helpful infographics and images scattered throughout. Very informative and full of practical, actionable tips!

Fave post: The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy For Selling Online Courses (Complete Guide)


Jon Loomer

Self-confessed ‘nerd’, Jon Loomer (we like him already) is nerdy about everything to do with Facebook marketing. He focuses on Facebook ads, but his really personal way of writing is a perfect example of drawing readers in through storytelling. His blog posts weave together his unique experiences and vast knowledge of FB marketing to keep users engaged and keep articles memorable.

His posts are mainly aimed at experienced FB marketers, so once you’ve got to grips with the basics, head on over for some more digging with Jon.

Fave post: How to Edit a Facebook Ad and Retain Social Proof


Convince and Convert

This blog is part of the Content Marketing Institute family, so you know it’s gonna be awesome already. Jay Baer is the bae behind this blog and it covers everything you need to know about content marketing strategy and social strategy. Before you know it, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in strategy!

It’s no surprise, that like the CMI site, Convince and Convert is jam-packed full of super useful, practical stats, research and case studies that will give you all the info you need to move forward with your digital strategy.

Fave post: 5 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Over the Holiday Vacations


Michael Brito

Looking for smart, timely and relevant blog posts? Of course you are and Michael Brito can deliver – he’s an experienced digital strategist and his posts combine personal anecdotes and data-driven approaches to give you informative, entertaining info to chow down on.

Clear, crisp posts with plenty of stats and graphics thrown in for good measure are a sure-fire way to communicate essential info about any digital subject. Michael is a slick operator and his posts hit the spot.

Fave post: Audience Intelligence: A Curated List of Actionable Insights & Analysis


Gary Vaynerchuk

First thing you’ll think when you visit Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog is ‘hey, this guy looks fun’ and he doesn’t disappoint. His funny, eccentric style will have you chuckling and furiously scribbling down as many tips as possible. Gary has loads of hilarious examples to illustrate his points and he has a great skill for creating a narrative and passing on skills at the same time.

His blog posts usually contain some extra videos as well, with great production values and he frequently chats with successful entrepreneurs to find out what got them where they are today. Gary is always thinking outside the box and his enthusiasm for all things marketing is infectious.

Fave post: Effective Facebook Advertising Strategies for 2019


Mari Smith

Fancy some well-researched and detailed posts? Look no further than Mari Smith’s blog, where you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to brilliant, actionable statistics and data that you can use to take your next marketing steps.

Mari is a vastly experienced marketer, with the know-how to guide you to the right places and provide you with really helpful resources and tools to help with your digital strategy. With a finger on the pulse of the latest trends, this blog is definitely worth your time.

Fave post: 8 Top Tools To Optimize Your Social Media Conversion Strategy


Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee’s a slick, savvy marketer with a whole host of actionable tips and advice for budding business owners. So, naturally, he’s our kind of dude!

As an experienced entrepreneur and social media manager, Aaron’s been there and done it, so his blog posts are a really great resource for anyone that wants to take their digital strategy right from the beginning, through the numerous steps needed to build a successful online business.

Fave post: 4 Tips for Growing Your Ecommerce Business


Maximize Social Business

MSB is a vibrant, busy community blog with a massive amount of contributors who really know their stuff and create clear, how-to style articles for marketers everywhere. You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re reading an article from an expert on any subject, as the quality of insight that the blog attracts is second to none!

By the end of every post, you’ll have a strong idea of what to do next and how to do it. The site is a hotbed of resources, so we’re almost certain you’ll find yourself visiting time and time again.

Fave post: 10 Social Media Strategies for Corporate Communication in 2019


Amber Naslund

We’re big fans of blogs that speak to us in ways we understand – not full of weird jargon where we end up nodding and agreeing but secretly being like WTF? Amber Naslund’s blog is human, empathetic and she uses her personal experiences and stories to deliver social media insight and thought leadership with a heart. She works in content marketing over at LinkedIn, so she knows a thing or 27382 (approx.) about what articles and stories really resonate with audiences and build connections.

Her posts are a breath of fresh air in a world full of noise and she’ll help you to use social media in better ways and boost your personal brand.

Fave post: Why Digital Transformation Is Stuck In the Mud



Forbes needs no introduction (but we’re writing one anyway) – it’s one of the most well-circulated and popular business sites out there and it’s a major authority on digital, social marketing and business strategy subjects. Their blog is full of experts, thought leadership and marketing gold. The submission process for their community of bloggers is tight and selective, so you’re reading articles that have been endorsed by the Forbes brand.

There are lots of valuable posts on Forbes and it’s always well-worth seeing what one of their experienced contributors has to say about a new platform, tool or technique.

Fave post: Are Facebook Groups The Future Of Social Media (Or A Dead End)?



SEMRush is up there as one of the most popular marketing blogs around. They’re super-geeks in everything SEO, so if you’re scratching your head and avoiding your analytics tools then head on over and these guys can give you some SEO stardust. Blog posts are clear, simple to follow and peppered with diagrams and infographics to show you exactly what to do next.

Depending on how advanced you are with SEO, there’s something for everyone, whatever your experience and the same straight-forward style is applied to every article.

Fave post: How to Protect a #1 Ranking (When Your Pesky Competitors Are Trying to Take You Down)


Duct Tape Marketing

We love the name of this blog – it’s perfect for those little niggly marketing problems you have that need a quick, sharp solution to get you back on the road. Sometimes you read a blog post and think, well great, now I just need a magic genie to give me a bajillion dollars to buy a tool that’ll transform my business *big sigh*.

But Duct Tape Marketing is full of super affordable advice that won’t break the bank and its blog posts are easy to understand, full of helpful next-steps and written with small businesses in mind.

Fave post: Why You Should Focus on Designing an SEO-Friendly Website (And How to Do It)


Bryan Kramer

Sometimes everyone needs to just take a step back from all this digital stuff and remember that we’re all just fleshy, dumb humans bumbling our way through life. Now, they aren’t Bryan Kramer’s words exactly, but his powerful Human to Human marketing blog cuts through the crap and delivers articles about the human side of marketing and how we reconnect with each other in polarized times.

Customers don’t always want to feel like customers and employees want to feel valued at work – Bryan uses his unique insight and marketing know-how to tap into the human side of business and helps readers to truly acknowledge what’s meaningful – relationships, connections and human centered marketing.

Fave post: How to Let go of Assumptions and Create Deeper Relationships


Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is an expert in her field and this experience shines through in her vibrant, personality-led blog posts that really pack a punch. Standing out from the rest of the marketing blogs online can be tough, but Rebekah has a unique way of hooking readers in, impressing them with practical advice and empowering them to take action in the process. Not bad, huh?

Her posts are varied, fun and use lots of infographics, stats and expert analysis to illustrate points and ram them home. Feeling confident when you get to the end of a practical post is important and Rebekah gives you that ‘go get em’ to try out what you’ve read and kick ass.

Fave post: 8 Elements in a Successful Content Marketing Plan



The key to a good blog post isn’t airy-fairy ideas that make you think ‘hmm, maybe I could kinda do that, but I’m still not too sure HOW?!’ – instead, it’s a post that gives you a bucket load of gusto and plenty of reasons why you should be doing something and gives you step-by-step ways to do it.

ProBlogger falls into the second camp and blog posts are fantastically detailed, giving you all the stats and steps you could possible need to grab the bull by the horns and start being a marketing badass. The blog is written by a community of experts, regularly updated and shows you exactly how to do that thing that you were thinking of doing, but completely clueless where to start.

Fave post: What Do Your Blog Post Titles Say About Your Brand?


Neil Patel

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (sometimes it sounds really appealing!) then you’ve probably heard of marketing wizard himself, Neil Patel. His blog posts are famous for taking complex marketing techniques and SEO solutions and making them super accessible to everyone…what a nice guy, thanks Neil!

Simplicity is key to Neil’s blog post format. He’ll give you comprehensive how-to guides for beginners right through to experts, but speaks to everyone in the same voice and with the same clear, extensive approach. It’s no surprise that he’s got a hella lot of blog fans and if there’s anything he doesn’t know, well we haven’t found it yet!

Fave post: If I Had to Start a Blog From Scratch, I Would…



The Moz Blog is one of the coolest cats around on the blogging scene. Co-founded by Rand Fishkin, you’ll find loads of digital gems to feast your marketing mitts on. With smart, sharp analysis and informative posts, you’ll find bang on-trend topics written about by a community of bright, brainy experts.

You won’t find yourself waiting months between each post either, it’s a highly interactive and rich resource that’s updated super regularly to bring some extra awesomeness into your week. Posts are easy to follow, with simple formats, loads of detail and unique perspectives from enthusiastic marketing bods.

Fave post: Evolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer’s Journey



First thing you’ll notice with an Ahrefs blog post is mega attention to detail and a microscopic approach to every aspect of a marketing topic. Graphs, stats, infographics – you’ve got the lot and it’ll help you to easily understand a tough tool or technique in no time. And everything’s explained with some added humor, story-telling quality and language that doesn’t make you scratch your head…EH?

Every base is covered, with lots of links to other stuff and resources you might need, pro tips, checklists and the latest news and know-how.

Fave post: A Simple (But Effective) 31‐Point SEO Checklist for 2018


Search Engine Watch

For everything SEO related (and what isn’t these days?!) then Search Engine Watch is a really well put-together and populated blog for marketers. It often pops up as one of the top sites for any marketing subject…not really surprising cos they’re experts at SEO, but it’s also because of the breadth and variety of articles they write. It’s an encyclopedia of marketing wisdom for anyone who needs to wrestle with SEO and sort out what the heck they need to do next online with their business.

Posts are big, badass and you’ll feel your brain growing bigger, that’s a fact!

Fave post: 14 ranking signals you need to optimize for in 2019


Orbit Media

Ever wake up in the dead of night, sweatin’ and with a hundred and one thoughts buzzing around in your brain about your marketing strategy?! If the answer’s YES, HELP ME then the Orbit Media blog should definitely be one of the top sites you visit for all of your marketing quandaries and questions. If informative and slick posts are your thing then head on over and indulge, my marketing friend.

What’s especially awesome are the big-style surveys and research they do with blogging communities, so that Orbit can create articles with real-time stats and insight to help you make positive marketing changes. Collecting stellar info, insights and stories help Orbit to give you the best ideas that other business owners have used successfully themselves.

Fave post: 13 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Engagement


A Better Lemonade Stand

If this was a prize for the best named blog then hey guys, we’ve got ourselves a big contender. It kinda sounds like an indie band and you’ll find some sweet, sweet marketing music on this blog!

For starters, A Better Lemonade Stand looks very slick, with some great images, gifs and infographics – their posts are put together in a really attractive format with friendly user design and lots of colorful, practical examples scattered throughout posts to show you exactly what they mean. This blog is great for ecommerce know-how, especially Shopify users, so help take your biz to the next level with some savvy, tasty lemonade tips.

Fave post: 50 Successful Shopify Stores & What You Can Learn from Them



Here comes one of the big kids – it’s Shopify. You’ve probably visited a humungous amount of Shopify enabled sites without realizing it, as it’s one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there for online businesses. With that in mind, the team over there know a thing or two about how to boost sales and optimize your site for success. They can use their insights and analytics from millions of customers to put together really right-on, informative blog posts, packed full of stats and ideas that are proven to work.

Shopify’s blog is updated a lot and you’ll find links to loads of other helpful videos, podcasts and guides for extra marketing magic. It’s really worth checking out to see what the industry experts are saying.

Fave post: Facebook Creative That Converts: How (and When) to Use Different Ad Types



You may not have come across Hiten Shah before, but you’ll probably have heard of some of the sites he’s founded and set-up – KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout anyone? There we go!

Well, Hiten is basically a marketing genius and his personal blog, Hitenism, is full of awesome gems that he’s picked up along the way. His blog post titles are really engaging too, I mean who wouldn’t want to read ‘Growth hacking was invented with a mint julep and two beers’ – it’s scientifically impossible to not want to read that, right?

Hiten’s specialism is helping SaaS businesses, so if you’re in that industry, he’s the perfect guy for you, but his advice can be applied to other online businesses too. Funny, fresh and enjoyable content.


Spin Sucks

When you visit a blog that has a weekly segment called ‘Gin and Topics’, you just know it’s going to be good. And the rest of the Spin Sucks blog is no disappointment – with funny, on-trend and seasonal articles to teach you something and raise a smile at the same time.

There are some fantastic contributors to the Spin Sucks blog, who really know their stuff and it’s frequently updated, so you’ll find plenty of thoughtful, well-researched articles to get busy with. It covers lots of marketing topics too, with lots of technical advice in easy to follow formats.

Fave Post: Artificial Intelligence: What About Authenticity and Realness?


Field Boom

Field Boom looks great – it’s a seamless, slick blog that’s down with the kids and gives you up-to-date, current advice on the latest tech trends and new tools. Blog posts are nicely executed, with lots of simple, actionable tips and images/ infographics to give readers some extra detail and direction.

Simply put, it’s just a very nice blog to look at, with good user-design and it doesn’t bombard readers with vast reams of info – Field Boom knows what you need and gives you the essentials.

Fave post: Introducing Quizzes: Generate 248% More Leads & Customers


The Daily Carnage

Nope, The Daily Carnage isn’t a new name for ‘looking at the news’, it’s a super engaging marketing blog with smart insight and bright contributors who deliver clear, cool and personality-driven posts. They’re jargon-free and easy to understand for people starting out on their marketing journey.

Packed full of fun pop-culture references, emojis and cool graphics – we’re big fans of this blog. It feels on-trend, vivaciously modern and super informative at the same time. More please!

Fave post: We’re Content Addicts


Copy Hackers

If you’re a copywriter or content creator then it goes without saying that you probably worship at the altar of Joanna Wiebe every day. She’s a copywriting legend and what she doesn’t know about writing for the web, isn’t worth knowing! The Copy Hackers blog is your bible for all things word-y and because it’s a blog about marketing copy, all the contributors to the blog are obviously some of the best writers around.

We all know how important good copy is for helping you sell your shiz to the masses and Copy Hackers helps you to write clear, informative and engaging content with fantastic, actionable advice.

Fave post: How I turned my wedding into an email marketing case study (with a slightly epic mistake)


Brand Culture

One of the first things you think when you visit the Brand Culture blog is ‘oo, they sure like nature’ – there are loads of visual environment-related, natural shots of animals and eco-systems to accompany their intelligent marketing insights. And who doesn’t like natural?!

They cover lots of branding and marketing topics, but also loads of thought leadership blog posts related to building strong, inclusive company cultures and career advice. It’s one of those blogs where you start reading one article and find yourself flicking between lots of different tabs and learning about all sorts of new, smart perspectives.

Their motto for blog posts is “Branding. Not Bull” and we can vouch for them on that!

Fave post: Employee Experience: Future Proofing the Workplace of Tomorrow


Quick Sprout

We’ve already met a couple of the Quick Sprout co-founders in our top 50 already, Hiten Shah and Neil Patel and while their own personal projects are badass, Quick Sprout is where it all began. It’s a blog that is really similar to both of their projects – tricky subjects are simplified and made incredibly clear and engaging for readers. Articles get straight to the point and take you through everything you need to know.

Blog posts are put in 3 sections ‘Guides, ‘Current Hits’ and ‘All time’, so it’s easy to see what’s been super popular and find yourself flicking through lots of different help and advice. Name a marketing topic and they’ve most probably covered it, so you’ll be visiting Quick Sprout time and time again, that’s a given.

Fave post: 10 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019


Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community has a huge amount of quality contributors who are eager to share their marketing knowledge. You can find short-form articles to get to grips with topics, right through to more long-form research, using lots of stats and resources to get you on the right track with your marketing strategy.

Whatever stage your business is at, there are plenty of posts and how-to-guides to take you to the next step. Posts are written with an authoritative business voice, using entrepreneurial insight that gives this blog bucket loads of credibility.

Fave post: Innovation Thinking: Exercising Your Creative Muscle



Everybody loves HubSpot and it’s pretty much impossible to google any marketing topic without ending up on their site at some point. If you want to find out about the latest inbound marketing news and trends then this is the place to go and get informed. Everything is super relevant, they’ll go back and make sure all their articles include up-to-date advice and they have a nice tone of voice that makes dry topics seem fun.

There are few better places to find simple, clear how-to-guides and they’re experts at breaking things down for readers and presenting info in bitesize chunks.

Fave post: The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Content Creators



There’s one thing for sure, we’re pretty sure that the founders of ContentKing are still doing a victory dance after registering a company with this name. Ever heard of content is king? It’s a much-used, buzz-worthy phrase and ContentKing’s blog posts are pretty good too!

Their articles are well-designed and have a really nice user-friendly format. They like to use gifs too and eye-catching images to make their articles an enjoyable read, which is a good way to keep users interested, especially if it’s late at night or you’ve not had your first coffee of the day yet!

ContentKing covers plenty of marketing advice and communicates it in a fun, straight-forward style.

Fave post: Why Crawler Traps Can Seriously Hurt Your SEO



DIYMarketers is a great resource for small business owners that, yep you guessed it, need to handle their marketing and do it themselves. You’ll find lots of low-cost, affordable techniques and tools that you can use to make some noise and boost your brand. It’s specifically aimed at people that don’t want to outsource their marketing at the moment or don’t have the budget for big marketing campaigns just yet.

There are lots of valuable tips and tricks for people that are wearing lots of different hats in their business ‘chief marketing officer with no idea’ being one of them! DIYMarketers do their best to make your life that little bit easier and give you some good pointers and next steps.

Fave post: 9 really Simple Organizational Tips for Disorganized Small Business Owners



Launching a small business and not sure where to start with marketing? You’re not alone – Kexino’s blog offers some great advice and practical tips for fledgling businesses and start-ups who want to make their mark.

It’s a French digital marketing company, so they’ve got some useful guides and tips for European based businesses or if you’re looking to expand into their markets – for example, super helpful guides to understand European GDPR regulations.

Fave post: Why The GDPR Will Improve Your Marketing



One of the best things about Wishpond’s blog is yeahhh yeahhh, most blogs give you some advice, but sometimes you’re still not sure what to do next BUT Wishpond provides you with really clear examples to illustrate exactly what they mean. Their posts are interesting, snappy and vibrant so you’ll want to keep reading and you’ll also have tons of ideas for your own business with their practical tips.

Wishpond posts are written with you in mind and writers go to great detail to give you everything you need to know about a topic – very well-researched and put together.

Fave post: 10,897 Growth Hackers Recommend Their Favorite Marketing Tools & Resources



Sleeknote uses gorgeous and (you guessed it) sleek, infographics and visuals to make their blog posts an absolute pleasure to read. With great user friendly design, posts are carefully crafted to give you the best reading experience and keep you hooked. Posts are jam-packed full of relevant examples to give you some real-life case studies to follow and they also provide you with templates to use for your own small business.

Topics are on-trend and Sleeknote gives you the latest techniques and tips for marketing success.

Fave post: 9 Strategies MeUndies Used to Grow 1,583% in 3 Years (Case Study)


Blog Tyrant

Here’s a super fun blog – Blog Tyrant! The name’s pretty cool and the blog posts are even cooler. It’s really obvious that so much time and effort has been put into these posts to make them as attractive entertaining and informative as possible. The blog’s aimed at businesses that want to become superhero bloggers too and there aren’t many better blogging guides around.

The graphics are cute and colorful and the way posts are designed makes them easy to follow, points you in the direction of other useful resources and gives you as much relevant info as possible, without being overwhelming.

How-to posts are impressively comprehensive and you can tell that you’re learning from the best. Keep doing what you’re doing, Blog Tyrant!

Fave post: Starting a Blog: A Complete Guide for Serious Beginners in 2018


Email Monday

Your email marketing campaigns are super important when you’re a growing business, so why not indulge in a bit of email expertise. Email Monday talks about allll things email – clue in the name! One of the most difficult things to do as a blog, is consistently create unique and original blog posts. Well, Email Monday has some super interesting posts that cover topics that you don’t often see and publishes lots of cool reports about email behavior and the future of email marketing. This is where the experience of the company shines through as the unique perspectives really make it stand out.

Fave post: Email Addiction Research Report


One Click Lindsey

This blog’s full of humor and savvy marketing tips for growing businesses. And it’s not just straight-up marketing techniques, there’s lots of personal development and career advice in there aswell, which can be just as important as the tools and marketing advice you’re using.

One Click Lindsey covers lots of areas in an original way that turns subjects on their head – had you ever thought about how Aristotle and digital marketing are connected? BOOM, you have now and this blog’s got the perfect article for you!

Fave post: Aristotle: the Distinguished Digital Marketer


Wax Marketing

When you’re looking for straight-forward, direct advice, so you can get started using practical and actionable marketing gold-dust – look no further than Wax Marketing. Articles are expertly communicated and written in a style that gives you everything you need to know, with stellar insight, backed-up with stats and extra resources.

The blog doesn’t mess around with any of the other fluffy stuff, it gives you the facts and helps you to get from A to B. Simple!

Fave post: How Data-Driven Facebook Marketing can Future Proof Business


Influence & Co

Colorful gifs and visuals, we love ‘em and you’re spoilt for choice on the Influence & Co blog. Their blog posts are accompanied by attractive imagery to illustrate points and keep you smiling. The content is awesome too, with real examples and case studies to show how they’ve used the advice they’re giving you to great effect. There’s nothing better than seeing step-by-step guides that have actually been enacted by the bloggers themselves in businesses and marketing campaigns. It gives posts a certain authenticity and honesty that puts them a cut above the rest.

Fave post: How We Helped ProSource Incorporate SEO Tactics and Increase Their Organic Search Traffic by 138 Percent



Maybe you never thought you’d see the word Fishbat…well, here we are with our next blog! Fishbat is a blog that gives you clear, comprehensive expertise on a wide range of marketing subjects and posts are nicely written, with clear, simple steps for you to put into action.

Fishbat’s blog is regularly updated with lots of news-worthy and seasonal content to keep things relevant. Well-worth checking out!

Fave post: How to Successfully Measure your Digital Marketing Goals with Vanity Metrics


Ron Sela

Ron Sela knows a thing or two about marketing and his epic blog posts are full of expert insight, marketing examples and make you chuckle too. You can tell that a lot of time and thought goes into his posts, which are really comprehensive and walk you through his opinions on big marketing campaigns from the likes of Starbucks and Adidas.

It’s always really interesting to hear what experts think about big campaigns and what lessons small businesses can take and use for their own campaigns. Reading Ron’s posts are well-worth your time and bursting with nuggets of marketing magic.

Fave post: 7 Brand Advocacy Campaigns that Rocked Social Media


Phew! Thanks for reading, partner. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and we’re so glad you made the top 50 journey with the Lately gang by your side!

Anyway, what are you waiting for?! You don’t have time to be reading this ol’ farewell, better get back to entry Number 1 and start reading your next awesome blog post. Til next year ☺

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