How Effective is Your Marketing?

Marketing agencies charge $5,000-$10,000 for the average audit, which can take up to six weeks. See how effective your marketing is for free, in just .6 seconds with Lately's Consistency Scanner.

Why Consistency Matters

Consistent Key Messaging communicates purpose, clarity and stability – all key to building customer trust.

Consistent Namespaces help customers find you more easily and communicate stability and trust.

Consistent Design signals professionalism, quality and familiarity – also key to building customer trust.

See How Your Customers See You

View your company as others do and check for inconsistent branding, which confuses customers, causes uncertainty and leads to loss of sales.

Scan Your Competitors, Too

Go ahead, spy on the competition. Contrast, compare and see how their marketing effectiveness measures up. We won’t tell.


If you've got .6 seconds then you've got time to check your marketing effectiveness with Lately’s superfast marketing Consistency Scanner.