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Chris Raftery

Director of Marketing
SCM Connections

An A.I. Revelation in Social Media Management

“Our marketing team spent years looking for a user-friendly social media management platform that streamlined all the tools needed for digital outreach, but could never find one that checked all of the boxes. As soon as we were introduced to Lately, we knew that this was the solution we had been waiting for.

Since discovering Lately, we’ve spent less time worrying about organizational strategy and content creation, and more time focusing on the clear-cut results of our marketing efforts. Lately’s AI integration has saved us countless hours of analysis and guesswork while their easy-to-use interface has removed many of the hassles of multi-channel digital marketing. With scheduling, analytics, and branding strategies all incorporated into the same platform, we’ve been able to get a much clearer look at the impact of our individual marketing efforts as well as a better understanding of how they function together. Since using Lately, not only have we seen vast improvements in impressions and engagement, but all of the members of our company now have a better understanding of the impact of these digital marketing efforts.

Finally, the experience we’ve had working with the people at Lately is second-to-none. I hesitate to use the term “customer service,” because they feel more like business partners to us. Kate, Lauren and the rest of the team could not be more helpful and supportive; we truly feel like they are invested in our organization’s success.

Lately has been a revelation in the world of social media management- we cannot recommend them enough.”

Chris Raftery, Director of Marketing at SCM Connections

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