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Erica & Supporting Strategies

Erica Mitchell is the Director of Marketing at Supporting Strategies, an outsourced bookkeeping and operation support company. Since 2004, Supporting Strategies has provided growing businesses expert guidance designed to optimize all their accounting needs at an affordable price.

With their team of highly skilled accounting professionals averaging 15 years of industry experience, Supporting Strategies customizes their approach to the needs of each client. Day-to-day services include on-demand support ranging from accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, financial and management reporting, HR and payroll support, and bookkeeping and month-end close.

Supporting Strategies has 72 locations throughout the United States. As Director of Marketing, Erica has to manage over 179 channels – what would normally be an intimidating job.

Erica decided to start using Lately in order to simplify her workflow, supercharge her productivity and automatically create and enforce compliant messaging at scale – across all 179 channels.

Why Erica chose Lately

Lately gives Erica the ability to seamlessly create, publish, track, organize and course-correct social media across unlimited channels and accounts with a single login. By setting up a corporate “Super Dashboard,” she’s able to link together all the dashboards of her local marketing teams and publish on their behalf. Erica’s “Super Dashboard” also gives her 100% visibility while keeping the messaging of all 179 channels compliant and consistent. This saves Erica tons of time, which allows her to focus on creating better and more effective content.

With Lately’s “Super Dashboard,” Erica’s also single-handedly able to:

  • Monitor Marketing Strategies From the Top-Level Down: Eliminate trickle-down lag time, automatically put policies into play and monitor directives with 100% visibility of marketing teams of any size, across numerous locations, all from one place.
  • Enforce Key Messaging, Company-Wide: Instantly coordinate, control and enforce company-wide, multi-channel messaging from a single, central location. Automatically check for mistakes and course-correct across multiple outlets.
  • See Which Division Performs Best: Cross-compare tactics, messaging, key performers and analytics across multiple campaigns, brands, locations or employee channels and replicate successes in just a few clicks.
  • Keep Absolutely Everyone on the Same Page: Invite unlimited marketing team members, contractors and consultants to collaborate. Specify roles and permissions, from publishing to approvals to view-only and more.

“Overall Lately is a homerun. I love that I can create and schedule all my content in about 20 minutes per week.”

Michael Oberther Director of Business Development Supporting Strategies

Erica Mitchell owns 1 Lately “Super Dashboard” linked to 35 local dashboards with 179 connected social media channels. After one year as a customer and now a Lately superstar, she’s boosted Supporting Strategies’ web traffic by 5x with organic social contented amplified through Lately. Wow!

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