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Lindsay Schroeder

Executive Assistant (and De Facto Social Media Marketer),


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Lindsay and Lendr

As Executive Assistant to Tim Roach, the CEO at Lendr.Online, LLC Lindsay Schroeder's role is to provide top-level support while also managing the company's social media marketing. Lendr, an online loan provider, celebrates the mantra “giving honest people an honest chance” throughout their work. Tim, Lindsay and the rest of the Lendr team are innovative, technologically cutting-edge and committed to doing things “the right way.”

In an economy where it’s almost impossible for small businesses to get traditional loans, Lendr offers fast, friction-free cash advances to help small and medium business owners focus on what they do best: grow. They look at companies holistically – health of the business, real-time performance and potential – when customizing solutions for each client.

In order to create new relationships with potential customers and maintain relationships with current customers, Lindsay regularly posts to Lendr’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. It became difficult for Lindsay to track how efficient her posts were in engaging Lendr’s audience.

Lindsay and the Lendr team decided to start using Lately in order to track Lendr’s performance across different platforms, post regularly and consistently on social media, and stay organized.

Why Lindsay chose Lately

Lately tracks Lendr’s performance across all channels. Lately allows Lindsay to unify multi-channel analytics into single, whole-picture graphs that let her click-through data points, see what caused each spike and connect workflow to results. This shows Lindsay which of her have the highest impressions, engagements, shares, and more.

In addition to these factors, Lindsay also had wanted Lately to meet the following criteria:

  • Instantly collate your entire campaign, including content, tasks, files, links, team member activity, calendar entries, graphics, associated contacts, design elements and more, into a single report.
  • Align your planning, project management and publishing schedules so nothing falls through the cracks and so your entire team can see how all the pieces work together.
  • Repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers and more by instantly parsing them into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked autogenerated social media posts.
  • Automatically bulk-schedule multiple social media posts to publish out over daily, weekly or monthly intervals in seconds, no CSV spreadsheet required.

Lindsay Schroeder, a Lately user for only a few months, has 7 social media channels connected to her Lately account. She is in charge of ramping up organic social media marketing, but is not a part of the marketing team. With Lately Lindsay has been able to boost traffic to Lendr’s site and complete the work of a 2-5 person social team by herself.

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