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A Lately dashboard is a collection of core marketing tools that serve as a command-center for the company, brand or project you’re marketing and its associated website URL. Each URL gets a separate Dashboard.

Your dashboard will wrangle together project management, calendars, analytics, reporting, social scheduling and more to make your life easier and your marketing more efficient and effective. Lately will cut down on the hassle of bouncing from platform to platform and spreadsheet to spreadsheet to manage your social campaigns, providing one easy, streamlined access point to craft content, organize your workflows, and share your brand with your online audience.
In short: Yes! Lately will automatically bulk-schedule multiple social media posts to publish out over daily, weekly or monthly intervals in seconds, no CSV file required.
Lately’s Automatic Social Post Generator repurposes blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers and more by automatically parsing them into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social media posts. Lately helps you leverage the time it takes to craft a blog, press release or newsletter by creating and bulk scheduling tons of social media-ready posts to drive more traffic to your content.
Yes! Lately’s fully dynamic Marketing Calendar coordinates your social media and email marketing with conferences, webinars, PR and more, so that you and your team can visualize your marketing schedule for the months ahead. Scheduled posts, tasks and more will automatically update on your marketing calendar, and you can adjust on the fly simply by dragging and dropping anything to another day in your calendar...well everything except for holidays that is :).

Lately will also integrate with Gmail, Outlook, iCloud or Yahoo calendars and export your calendar to PDF so nothing falls through the cracks, and so your entire team can see how all the pieces work together.
Lately’s Omni-Analytics tracks the performance of your website, social channels, and each and every post you publish. We’ll give you a whole-picture view of your channels and how your content is performing, as well as a lens into your top influencers, authors, content, and channels so that you can connect results to workflows and be more strategic in your marketing.
Not only can Lately can help you improve the type of content you publish, but it can also help you get it in front of larger swathes of your audience. Lately will automatically check your content to ensure you are using your key messaging, and will track and highlight data showing which of your channels are most successful, which types of content are the most popular with your audience, and even when to post to reach your largest audience. Put all that together with how easy Lately is to use and your brand has lift off.
Campaign tags function as a great organizational tool within Lately for your content. Any campaign tag you create will allow you to schedule, post, and track content towards specific initiatives. With campaign tags, Lately will automatically collate your entire campaign, including content, tasks, files, graphics, associated contacts, design elements and more, in one click.
All of Lately’s core features, including our social scheduling tools, omni-analytics, campaign dossier, task management, key messaging guide and checker + unlimited team member invites starts at $99/month. Lately’s Pro Dashboard makes more social channels available for $229/month, and for the Goliath social users, Lately will help you coordinate each and every brand you manage for $999/month. We scale with you :).
The pricing tiers are tailored to your company size and determined by an organization’s intended social use. Lately’s Starter Dashboard will hold up to five connected channels, and it is perfect for any organization’s corporate brand. Lately’s Pro Dashboard will organize and process up to 15 social channels, and provide easy scheduling and analytics across each of those 15 channels. Lately’s Super Dashboard is built to handle the social marketing of any franchise or agency, and allows you to connect as many social channels as you like.
To manage your subscription, simply hover over the little photo of you in the top right corner. Within the dropdown menu that will appear, navigate down to “Subscription” to update payment information, and more.
Wonderful idea! To add another dashboard and expand your subscription, the dashboard owner simply has to hover over the small hamburger menu in the top right of the dashboard screen, and click “Create a New Dashboard”. Simply follow the instructions to add a website URL, update your billing information, and connect more social channels to a brand new Lately dashboard!
Absolutely! Lately allows you to create posts for multiple social channels at the same time, by selecting to which channels you’d like to post from the list of connected social accounts on the left-hand side of the content creation box. Once your content is in your Content Pipeline, Lately enables you to post across any of your connected social channels in only a few clicks.
Lately currently integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’d like Lately to connect to another social channel or integrate with a new service, drop us a line and we will start the conversation!
The process is super simple and takes all of two minutes. On your Omni-Analytics page, beneath the graph, is a button to “Connect” to add more, well, connections :). Choose Google Analytics from the dropdown menu, and you'll be prompted to authorize by signing in to Google. A few quick clicks, and you can now see all of your analytics across your social media channels and your website in a single, whole-picture view.
Go to “Setup” and select “Channels & Messaging” from the dropdown menu. Click the triple dot icon located on the right-hand side of the channel that you wish to disconnect, and select “Remove”. Then to add the desired social account: click “Add Channel” and enter the channel type, enter the URL and identify the administrative managers (if you’d like to keep track of channel ownership) and click “Save”. To connect the new social account, click “Connect Channel”, select the desired social platform, and you’ll be prompted to authorize the channel by signing in. Ta-Da! All of your social media channel Namespace Titles, URL’s, and profile messaging automagically organized in one place for you.
Yes and yes. You can import social posts from a CSV file to any of your connected social channels, by going to Content and clicking “Import Content”, which is located on the right-hand side below the content creation box. Lately will help you to match your columns to our database fields, see a preview of each post before you import, and then import directly to your Content Pipeline for easy scheduling.

In addition, you can optimize content from your blog (and blogs you like and follow) by adding their RSS Feeds to Lately. We'll import posts from any of your selected feeds, and then you can either choose to auto-publish new content or send it to your draft folder for editing and scheduling at your own pace.
Right now, Lately’s native tool integrations include Google Analytics and We’ll be adding integrations with MailChimp, Facebook Paid Ads, and Google Ads in the near future. In the meantime, Lately lets you add all of your additional marketing tools to your dashboard, to track and identify administrative managers and passwords systems, so that you can prevent legacy knowledge loss and seamlessly on-board new team members in seconds.
Our knowledgeable Customer Success Team is available within your dashboard via chat from 9-5PM ET, Monday through Friday. Simply click “How Can We Help?” on the lower right hand side of your dashboard to access the chat. Additionally, you can send questions or comments to our Customer Success Team, who are available for you via phone (646-883-8106) and email ( Whether you reach out via phone, email, or chat, a real human will get back to you and our response time is pretty darn speedy.
The answer is... Unlimited (and no, we’re not joking!). Keep your entire marketing team in sync and up-to-date by inviting as many collaborators as you’d like to your Dashboard, for free. We want you to be able to get everyone on the same page so that you can work faster, smarter, and strategically together.
Yes. Though, Instagram’s API does not currently let third-party platforms schedule posts directly to Instagram. Lately let’s you curate your post, and schedule it out to Instagram. Then, on the day it is scheduled to post, we will send you a reminder email with your post content and a PDF of your image(s), so that you have everything on-hand to post directly. Long story short, Instagram lives on a private island, so Lately gives you as few clicks as possible to publish your curated content in Instagram.
Lately’s Consistency Scanner pulls together your marketing with a free audit of your company. Simply enter your company’s URL into the scanner, click scan, and Lately will automatically pull in and evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords, namespaces, messaging and design across your website and social media profiles. We’ll give you a consistency score and check for any inconsistencies across your marketing, so that you can see what can be improved, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Think of our Consistency Scanner like a marketing audit that an agency would normally charge $5 - $10k for...but with Lately, it’s $0.
Not currently. But we will be integrating with Mailchimp in early 2018 as the first of several ESP integrations.
Not yet, but we will be launching an integration with Facebook paid ads in Q2 of 2018.
The short answer is - Lately's complete set of tools are built specifically to help streamline and organize your marketing, a process that impacts your SEO. Our Consistency Scanner and our Key Messaging Cheat Sheet are just two tools within our platform that both directly help monitor and drive better SEO results. Our Consistency Scanner automatically pulls in and audits the effectiveness of your keywords and search terms, so that you can pinpoint which search terms and keywords are performing well, and which are not driving high ranked search results. To tie it all together, Lately will then provide actionable recommendations to improve your brand's SEO.

In your dashboard, Lately will kelp you to stay uniform across your branding with a key messaging cheat sheet of your SEO keywords, tagline and elevator pitch, which will live alongside your content creation tools at all times for easy reference. Want more help? Lately will go the extra mile and can enforce your keywords in your content, by automatically generating social posts that only include your keywords. With just a few “sanity checks” from Lately, you can make sure that you’re publishing content that is consistent with your key messaging, and as a result, that both your content and your company remains highly ranked for your various search terms.