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Explore features that will keep you sane, make you look good to your boss, save boatloads of time and rock the bejeezus out of your marketing.

Campaign Tags

Integrated Marketing Calendar

Channels and Tools


Integrated Marketing Calendar

Coordinate both social and traditional media channel content and events in a single, dynamic view with Lately’s Integrated Master Marketing Calendar. Instantly know how and when your channels are supporting each other, easily identify any holes and clearly connect workflow to output. We’ll even automatically reschedule content for you, in bulk, with a simple drag-and-drop.

Key Messaging Cheatsheet

Stop spending hours creating that 60 page brand guide which no one reads. Lately instantly creates a custom, Key Messaging Cheat Sheet that simplifies and summarizes the essentials, so you can communicate your message accurately and consistently across all your content. We’ll even automatically check your content for consistency and alert you when key words and phrases are missing. Coming soon, import and integrate existing key messaging guides.

Key Messaging Checklist

Make sure all the essentials are covered so that you and your team can avoid re-creating the wheel and instantly copy and paste foundational key messaging that’s most likely to be reused over and over again - like your tagline, elevator pitch, team bios and more. We’ll automatically create a checklist so you understand which staples you need, where they go and why.

Messaging Consistency Auditor

Quickly identify and fix any design and messaging inconsistencies with Lately’s Consistency Scanner, which automatically wrangles together your messaging from as many channels as we can find and evaluates overall messaging effectiveness in just .6 seconds.

Style Guide

Never guess specs, color codes or which graphics are up-to-date again with Lately’s Style Guide, which automatically organizes your company’s colors, fonts, logos, social profile images and more. Download any image or drag-and-drop into a social profile or elsewhere, right from your Style Guide. Title colors and images without having to rename file names, so they’re easily accessible. Add additional styles and files anytime.

Channels and Tools Onboarding Guide

Bring new team members up to speed instantly with one, central record of all your marketing channels and tools. We make it easy to know what’s going out where, how and who the admins are.

Campaign Tags and Filters

Categorize your campaigns with tag names, colors and a brief description, so it’s easy to filter any dashboard and show only the content, tasks, design elements, messaging, marketing calendar events and files from a single campaign. Soon, you’ll be able to group all the elements of any campaign tag on a single, detailed page, making it easy to create templates based on what worked and what didn’t.

Marketing Contacts Manager

Keep track of key marketing contacts like advertising representatives, printers, third-party vendors, consultants, designers, corporate sponsors, media interviewers and more - all folks you wouldn’t want to invite to your Lately dashboard but who your team may need access to, should you ever jump ship.

Content Library

Never go hunting for marketing content again. Our content library automatically stores and organizes everything you create, including press releases, blog posts, website copy, social posts - and, coming soon, podcasts, videos and more. Instantly group content by campaign and create built-in checklists for future campaigns.

File Management

Save endless hours trying to track down where files live and who owns them with Lately’s Integrated File Manager. Upload files from your desktop or we’ll automatically mirror any files you choose from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and elsewhere, so everyone on your team can easily access them from one place.

Bulk Social Post Publisher

Content Creation

Automatic Social Post Generator

Exponentially leverage content you’ve spent hours creating with Lately’s Automatic Social Post Generator which automatically creates and bulk-schedules a series of social posts that quote and link back to blogs, press releases, articles, web pages and more.

Bulk Social Post Publisher

Collaborate with team members from a central workspace to create text-based and social media content for multiple channels and bulk schedule in one click - no CSV files required! Coming soon, create and auto-publish blog posts to Wordpress and Tumblr and emails to Mailchimp, without ever having to leave Lately.

Messaging Consistency Checker

Keywords are important to keeping your messaging consistent. Lately's consistency checker will alert you when you've written content that doesn't utilize your keywords.

Influencer Indentifier

Know who to target to help spread your message with our Influencer Identifier, which helps keep track of who to target to help spread your message. Coming soon, we’ll instantly evaluate your team, your contacts and others in your network, giving you a breakdown of their reach, activity and overall influential ability. We’ll also help you automatically reciprocate when others share your content and set up automatic, in-post tagging of strategic influencers.

Integrated Social Profile Editor

Edit social platform profile messaging and push directly to your live social profile. You can also publish social posts directly from Lately on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (additional platforms coming soon). We’ll even automatically create Bitly short links for you and store and organize all your social posts by campaign - so it’s easy to copy and paste/rinse and repeat what worked. Our Consistency Scanner also automatically checks for conflicting messaging across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, LinkedIn and Google+.


Unlimited Team Members

Keep everyone on the same page by inviting your entire marketing team to get in synch in one, central location. Assign roles to different team members for varied access control. The more team members you invite, the more time you save, the less headaches you have, the easier it is to get the job done, together.

Content Approval

Eliminate email back and forth by approving content by piece or in bulk, make edits, comment and get notifications in-platform or on the go, in real time.

Activity Log and Commenting

Keep track of changes and activity on every piece of content inside of Lately.

Administrative Roles and Permissions

Delegate management of users, applications, billing and other types of administrative access, including designated roles and permissions, so it’s easy to collaborate with everyone on your marketing team, outside contractors and clients.

Task Manager

Eliminate confusion and keep your entire team in sync and up-to-date with Lately’s Task Manager, which lets you keep track of who’s doing what and when so you have 100% visibility, anytime - without ever having to leave. Automatically convert Lately’s insights to tasks and connect workflow to output by linking any task to our integrated marketing calendar. Coming soon, tag content, events, key messaging and more directly inside any test description and instantly get a checklist of tasks by campaign and create templates so it’s easy to rinse and repeat what needs to be done Integration with Slack also coming soon.

Multi-Client Management

Keep clients neatly organized by dashboards that contain all the marketing for whatever company, brand or project you’re working on. Create new dashboards and easily toggle between them with one click, no new login required. Coming soon, duplicate existing dashboards as templates and activate super dashboards which aggregate and compare multiple projects.

Custom Insights and Recommendations

Campaign-Specific Goal Tracking


Boss-Friendly, Automated Reporting

Save an average eight hours per client, per week of manual report creation with our simplified, jargon-free, automatically generated reports that let you know what’s working, what’s not and why, at-a-glance. Instantly connect workflow to results with our integrated tasks feature and customize with your own recommendations or include ours. You can even choose automatic delivery and formatting options for any team member, client or boss.

Customized Insights and Recommendations

Clearly understand what the data says, why it's important and what to do next. Coming soon, we'll even customize insights and recommendations for your specific industry and tailor them to each goal you set.

Omni-Analytics for Social and Traditional Media

For the first time, unite both social and traditional media analytics in a single, dynamic view with Lately’s unique Omni-Analytics. Instantly view all your analytics across all your channels at once, in one place. Click data points and link directly to which content and series of tasks generated each point, easily identify any holes and clearly connect workflow to output. Upload any spreadsheet to complete the whole picture, if integrations with those channels aren’t yet available. See how it all connects, know exactly why and make smarter decisions.

Goal Tracker

Don’t get caught up in an explosion of directionless marketing. We’ll help you identify goals and, coming soon, automatically track progress and set reminders to keep your entire team, channels and content unified towards clearly communicated outcomes. We’ll even recommend goals based on industry standards.

Budget Management

Track and manage overall marketing spend alongside results - including outside contractors, paid advertising campaigns, materials costs and more. Integration with Freshbooks and QuickBooks coming soon.

What’s a Dashboard?

A dashboard is the company, brand or project you’re marketing. For individuals and teams marketing a single business, we recommend creating one dashboard. For marketing consultants and agencies, we recommend creating one dashboard per client. We charge for each dashboard you create but you can share that dashboard with as many users as you like, free.