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Content Creation

Stop staring at a blank page, wondering what to write.


Repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers and other evergreen content by automatically parsing them into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social posts.

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Content Library

Automatically store and organize all the content you create for easy reference and reuse. Search by keyword or phrase and sort by channel, account, post date, approval status or whether or not social posts have been drafted, scheduled or published.

File Manager

Ensure that your entire team can access all your marketing files from one place by either uploading them from your desktop or connecting to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive and we'll automatically mirror any files you choose.

Links Manager

Automatically organize and store all of the links and short links you use for easy reference, sharing with team members, reuse and to see which links were associated with which campaign.

RSS Feed Manager

Automatically publish your blog posts, podcasts, news articles or any other RSS feed to all of your social media channels.

Video Transcription

A.I. to the rescue! Import, transcribe and parse your videos into post-ready social content! Save hours of tedious work.


Get hours of marketing done in seconds.

Approval Flows

Preview, approve, reject or edit content by piece or in bulk and get notifications in real time, in-platform or on the go.

Bulk Scheduler

Automatically bulk-schedule multiple social media posts to publish out over daily, weekly or monthly intervals in seconds, no CSV file required.

Multi-Channel Publisher /
Single Login

Create and publish social media content by piece or in bulk across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram from a single login. Clone posts to be republished on other channels, preview how posts and attachments will look before publishing, publish direct or submit for approvals.

Parent / Child Dashboards

Create, schedule and publish social media content across multiple dashboards and their corresponding channels from a single “Parent Dashboard.”

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Parent Dashboards: The Ultimate in Marketing Control

Lately’s Parent Dashboards wrangle together social media scheduling, publishing, tasks, analytics and more – across all your brand, location or employee channels.

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Lately saves you the tedious work of gathering, organizing and building a custom Marketing Dashboard by automatically creating one for you.

Campaign Tags and Filters

Identify and tag campaigns with names, colors and a brief description and then filter any Dashboard by Campaign Tag so it’s easy to focus, compare or contrast.

Key Messaging Guide

Automatically organize and store all of your most important Keywords, taglines, elevator pitches, team bios, hashtags and more in one place, to help keep your entire team on message. We’ll automatically check what you write for consistency as you write it.

Multi-Dashboard Access

Create separate Dashboards for different businesses, products, locations, audiences, franchisees, brands or clients and toggle between them with one click, no new login required.

Social Media Channel Setup

Automatically organize all of your social media channel Namespace Titles, URLs and profile messaging in one place. Identify administrative managers and password systems to prevent legacy knowledge-loss and to onboard new team members in seconds.

Social Profile Editor

Update all of your social media profile messaging, logos and header images and publish changes live, directly from Lately.

Style Guide

Automatically organize your company’s logos, images, colors, RGB and Hex codes in one place. Add font guidelines and assign different Style Guides to different campaigns. Upload additional logos and images from your desktop or connect to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive and we'll automatically mirror any files you choose.


Keep everybody on the same page, and up-to-date.

Activity Digest

Keep track of all team member activity, from content created to task completion and more, summarized in real time within your Dashboard or delivered in a daily or weekly digest straight to your inbox.

Contacts Manager

Prevent legacy knowledge-loss and store marketing-specific contacts your team may need access to, should you ever jump ship.

Team Member Roles and Permissions

Invite team members to collaborate and specify roles and Dashboard permissions for creating, posting and/or approving content, view only and inviting additional collaborators.

Team Member Invites

Keep your entire marketing team in sync and up-to-date by inviting collaborators to your Dashboard. Seamlessly collaborate with contractors or consultants. Set approval- or view-only permissions for bosses and clients. Get everyone on the same page so you can work faster, smarter, together.


Instantly coordinate content, events, calendars and tasks so you can look smart without having to look all over.

Goal Reminders

Keep track of all team member activity, from content created to task completion and more, summarized in real time within your Dashboard or delivered in a daily or weekly digest straight to your inbox.

Marketing Calendar

Coordinate your social media and email marketing with conferences, webinars, PR and more. Drag-and-drop to instantly reschedule content across any of your connected channels. Integrate with Gmail, Outlook, iCloud or Yahoo calendars or export to PDF. We’ll automatically add any content you publish as new entries.

Task Manager

Keep your project management in the same place as the rest of your marketing. Assign tasks to marketing team members and track productivity. Associate tasks with specific campaigns so it's easy to connect workflow to results.


Gain 100% visibility across 100% of your channels so you can connect workflow to results.

Campaign Dossier

Automatically collate your entire campaign, including content, tasks, files, graphics, associated contacts, design elements and more, in one click.

Consistency Scanner

Audit the effectiveness of your keywords, namespaces, messaging and design across your website homepage and social media profiles in just .6 seconds.

Influencer Analyzer

Automatically identify and rank your most valuable social media followers so you know who to target and tag in order to leverage your reach.


Instantly see all of your analytics across all of your social media channels and your website in a single, whole-picture view. Click through any data point to see the content published that day and analytic detail.

Report Generator

Understand how all the pieces work together with customizable, boss-friendly, automatically-generated reports that let you know what’s working, what’s not and why with customized insights and recommendations.

Dashboard to Dashboard Comparisons

Create reports and cross-compare analytics across multiple dashboards, brands, locations, franchisee or client from a single “Parent Dashboard.”

Create Dozens of Unique Social Posts in Just a Few Clicks

Repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers, video and audio transcripts and other evergreen content into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social media posts.

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