Parent Dashboards:
The Ultimate in Marketing Control

Lately’s Parent Dashboards wrangle together social media scheduling, publishing, tasks, analytics and more – across all your brand, location or employee channels.

A Parent Dashboard lets you link together multiple “Child” Dashboards under a single “Parent” Dashboard and publish content out to all the “Child” Dashboards at once. So if you’re a corporation with numerous locations or brands underneath the same umbrella, you can control messaging and enforce compliance instantly, plus compare Dashboard-to-Dashboard (think Brand-to-Brand or Location-to-Location) content and analytics - the ultimate in marketing control.

Monitor Marketing Strategies From the Top-Level Down

Eliminate trickle-down lag time, automatically put policies into play and monitor directives with 100% visibility of marketing teams of any size, across numerous locations, all from one place.

Enforce Key Messaging, Company-Wide

Instantly coordinate, control and enforce company-wide, multi-channel messaging from a single, central location. Automatically check for mistakes and course-correct across multiple outlets.

See Which Division Performs Best

Cross-compare tactics, messaging, key performers and analytics across multiple campaigns, brands, locations or employee channels and replicate successes in just a few clicks.

Keep Absolutely Everyone on the Same Page

Invite unlimited marketing team members, contractors and consultants to collaborate for free. Specify roles and permissions, from publishing to approvals to view-only and more.

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