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SAP Business Exchange Community Welcomes Lately

SAP Business Exchange community members can now leverage Artificial Intelligence to automatically create and syndicate social media messaging.

(New York, N.Y. – May 23, 2019) – The SAP Business Exchange now offers Lately to its community, where enterprise, small and midsize companies can get complimentary access to discounts on innovative tools. Designed as a resource that helps SAP companies discover new opportunities, the SAP Business Exchange's inclusion of Lately gives members unprecedented access to cutting edge, A.I. marketing software.

With Lately, SAP Business Exchange community members can now automatically create and syndicate social media messaging across an entire business ecosystem in just a few seconds.

“Time, arguably the most precious resource, marches forward relentlessly…. and the theme we’ve followed this year centers on building efficiencies into your business so that there's more time to create work/life balance,” says Steven Fielding, Director, Community Marketing, Content and Strategy at SAP Concur. “Along that theme, I am so excited to add Lately to the Exchange, giving our community members the ability to market themselves like a mega-brand in a fraction of the time.”

Now, with Lately’s Artificially Intelligent marketing software, SAP Business Exchange members can not only get hours of work done in less than 60 seconds and increase productivity by up to 80% but they can also cut creation and posting time by 90%, supercharge reach by up to 700x and boost engagement by an average of 50x.

“Before Lately, social media was a weak point for me to do super consistently – because I didn’t have the time and didn’t want to sound dumb or boring. Now I have confidence because Lately takes the pressure off and makes me sound smart! Plus it’s just so easy to use,” says Alicia Jimenez, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Technology & Platform, Services Delivery, SAP.

“Time saving is a huge mission for us and an essential value to our customers, large and small,” says Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder and CEO of Lately. “It’s cliche but time is money. And in the case of Lately, we’re giving customers back almost a day a week. Now that’s a whole lot of money!”

As the only self-service, Artificially Intelligent-powered social media creation and management tool, Lately aims to level the playing field so that companies of all sizes can access the power of A.I. marketing. “We are so honored to be included in the SAP Business Exchange community,” continues Chernis. “As an entrepreneur, I obviously know the great importance of work/life balance; after all, the previous alternative to Lately was spreadsheets! Not exactly a timesaver!”

“I can’t believe how much of a time and money-saving difference Lately has made in my life… I have saved $3,000/month since using Lately. I’m a one-man show and I’ve just released my book and I’m number one on Amazon and it’s not even noon! Lately is a game changer. It’s insane,” says David Allison, Author, Valuegraphics.

In addition to being a part of the SAP Business Exchange community, Lately is also one of only 100 startups chosen to participate in SAP.iO’s inaugural NYC foundry.The SAP.iO Foundries program is an SAP global network for top-tier startups, including accelerators that help build innovative software and deliver high value for customers.

Watch this video see how Lately works or to set up a demo to learn more about how Lately's Artificial Intelligence can turn your business into a social media content mega-factory in seconds.

SAP Business Exchange Members can learn more about Lately and the exclusive offer to its community here.

About SAP Business Exchange

The mission of the SAP Business Exchange is to provide a peer-to-peer channel for customers and users of SAP Concur products. The community is used to facilitate conversations around SAP Concur products, post FAQs for Support, and provide information around company-sponsored events.

About Lately

Lately is an A.I.-powered social media content mega-factory that simplifies and scales social media engagement for brands, agencies, marketing teams, communications teams, sales teams, individual employees and executives. We do this by combining artificial intelligence with automation and organization – automating 80% or more of what an agency or marketing team might do. Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Loved by Humans.

Founded in 2014, Lately has raised $2.7 million and is also a 2018 graduate of SAP.iO, a 2017 graduate of Grand Central Tech, a 2015 graduate of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), as well as a recipient of a $355,000 Microsoft grant, a $24,000 IBM grant and a $12,000 Stripe grant.

To learn more about Lately and how you can be part of its success, visit or email

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