Sanity Starts at $99 a month.

Ditch that overwhelming feeling faster than a rocket full of monkeys.

Starter Package


per dashboard/month

All packages start with a free trial. No credit card required.
Invite unlimited team members to collaborate, free.

  • Integrated Marketing Calendar
  • Key Messaging Cheatsheet
  • Messaging Consistency Auditor
  • Style Guide
  • Channels and Tools Organizer
  • Campaign Tags and Filters
  • Marketing Contacts Manager
  • Content Library
  • File Management
  • Automatic Social Post Generator
  • Bulk Social Post Publisher
  • Messaging Consistency Checker
  • Influencer Identifier
  • Integrated Social Profile Editor
  • Unlimited Team Member Invites
  • Content Approval
  • Activity Log and Commenting
  • Administrative Roles and Permissions
  • Task Manager
  • Multi-Client Manager

What’s a Dashboard?

A dashboard is the company, brand or project you’re marketing. For individuals and teams marketing a single business, we recommend creating one dashboard for $99 per month. For marketing consultants and agencies, we recommend creating one dashboard per client for $99 per client. We charge for each dashboard you create but you can share that dashboard with as many users as you like, free.