Sanity Starts at $99 a month.

Ditch that overwhelming feeling faster than a rocket full of monkeys.

All Lately Plans Include:

  • Integrated Marketing Calendar
  • Key Messaging Cheat Sheet
  • Messaging Consistency Auditor
  • Style Guide
  • Channels and Tools Organizer
  • Campaigh Tags and Filters
  • Marketing Contacts Manager
  • Content Library
  • File Management
  • Automatic Social Post Generator
  • Bulk Social Post Publisher
  • Messaging Consistency Checker
  • Influencer Identifier
  • Integrated Social Profile Editor
  • Links Creator and Manager
  • Unlimited Team Member Invites
  • Content Approval
  • Activity Log and Commenting
  • Administrative Roles and Permissions
  • Task Manager
  • Multi-Client Manager
Integrated Marketing Calendar

Coordinate both social and traditional media channel content and events in a single, dynamic view with Lately’s Integrated Master Marketing Calendar. Instantly know how and when your channels are supporting each other, easily identify any holes and clearly connect workflow to output.

Automatic Social Post Generator

Exponentially leverage content you’ve spent hours creating. Automatically create and bulk-schedule a series of social posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram that quote and link back to blogs, press releases, articles, web pages and more.

Plans Tailored for Your Business



per dashboard/mo.

All of Lately's core features and...

  • 4 Connected Social Accounts
  • 5 Campaign Tags
  • 50 Social Posts per month
  • Email Support

Marketing Team


per dashboard/mo.

All of Lately's core features and...

  • 12 Connected Social Accounts
  • 15 Campaigns Tags
  • 150 Social Posts per month
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Content Approval Flow
  • Team Member Permissions



per dashboard/mo.

All of Lately's core features and...

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Campaigns Tags
  • Unlimited Social Post Publishing
  • Email, Chat and Phone Support
  • Content Approval Flow
  • Full Team Member Permissions
  • Multi-client Omni-Dashboard

What's a Dashboard?

A dashboard is the company, brand or project you’re marketing. For marketing consultants and agencies, we recommend creating one dashboard per client. In our pricing plans, we charge for each dashboard you create but you can share that dashboard with as many users as you like, free.